Sissies Are Excellent Cum Eaters

Sissy Cum Eating with Ms. Christine

Open Wide Little Sissy 😉

Most of my sissy pets suck cock, so they also eat cum.  That’s always a lot of fun for me, because I do enjoy watching men – even if they’re all dressed up – sucking off another guy.  You don’t have to be a cocksucking sissy to eat cum.  Sissies can always eat their own cum, and there is one very fun way I like to have them do that.

Stroking In Panties

Okay, not really stroking.  If you have a sissy clit, you should do what real women do with their clit – rub it!  So, the first part of my sissies cum eating adventure is to get them dressed up in some silky panties, and then have them lay back on the bed, and start rubbing that sissy clit through them.  And of course, they tease and edge themselves, until they start begging me in their high, falsetto voices to be allowed to cum.  Honestly, the sound of all that begging is soooo arousing for me… but still… eventually, I take pity on them and allow them to cum – right in those panties!

Clean Those Panties, Sissy!

Now, no sissy should have dirty, cum filled panties!  What do you think is the best way to clean them up?  That’s right, slide them off, stick them in your mouth and suck all that spunk out of there!  Take them out of your mouth, I inspect them, then shove them back in there!  “I think you missed a spot, sissy cum slut.”  You aren’t finished until those panties are spotless!

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