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Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

What will you do for your Mistress?

Some of you like that bite of erotic humiliation.  Yes, it is humiliating but, frankly, that is part of the erotic thrill.  I’ve talked before about the thrill ride of erotic humiliation.  This is the case in situations where you really want to stretch yourself and find out what you will really DO for a Mistress you adore and want to please.

One caller’s reaction to cum eating

One caller calls cum eating for his Mistress erotic and humiliating.  And, yet, this caller is trained to please Mistress.  This is power exchange Dominance and submission at it’s best!

What about YOU?  There are some of you who naturally want to slurp up your own cum.  Others of you find the thought of this arousing but you don’t really want to DO it.  And many of you are somewhere in between.  Where do you fall?  Are you a cum lover or do you reluctantly gulp down cum because you know it will entertain, amuse or please your Mistress?  I’d like to hear your experiences in the comments section.

Roleplay and obedience

Sometimes you need to be in the midst of erotic roleplay to do what Mistress asks you to do.  Doing a role play in one of your phone sex sessions can often take you away from yourself enough that you will do what you really want to do but aren’t willing to do as your ‘real’ you.  Of course, role-play combined with tease and denial cock control will have the strongest caller begging for release and willing to do anything to get it!  ~grinz~

This caller’s solution to eating his own cum

I have found a way to do it. im not a young guy so I don’t cum that much anymore,maybe I shouldn’t jerk off so much. but what I have done is jerk off and freeze it, I keep adding to the container, then when I get a gulp full in the container I put the container between my legs by my sissy balls and play with my self until it melts then as I stroke its no problem to pour it into my mouth hold it there then swallow. it is horrible! but as a sissy I deserve to humiliate myself and be a good sissy cum eating slut.  im filling a container now and when I get a lot in it me and Mistress are going to have a session. I cant wait, even though I might be gagging. it will be worth it. especially if it pleases and entertains Mistress.

~laughs~  Freezing your cum to gulp to down is a fantastic solution!  I especially like the added zing of putting it between his sissy balls to melt!  Now, THAT is funny!  Oh yes, you WILL amuse your Mistress with this!

Now, let’s hear from YOU….what solutions have you found or created that gets you to gulp that cum?  Mistress always wants to know!

Ms Olivia