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Last night I had a flashback to a cum eating video I watched years ago.  It involved a man, his cock, scissors, and a small zip top plastic bag.  This is not about saving up your cum.  It is all about eating it fresh, but in a different way.

I can almost feel your cock rising in anticipation already!

Play the Game

In this cum eating game, you stroke to the edge.  If you are in session with me, odds are you will stroke to the edge a number of times.  That builds up energy and makes your release much more powerful.

When it’s time to release, you cum into the bottom of an open zip top plastic bag.  Immediately zip the top closed.  It’s okay if there is some air left inside the bag.  You will be taking care of that momentarily.

Time for the Scissors

Cut a little hole in ONE corner of the bottom of the baggie.  Now, push your cum toward that hole.  It works really well to roll the bag down, pressing your cum in the direction of the hole you cut.

Put the little hole to your pursed lips and begin to suck.  You can squirt the whole baggie at once, as if you are coming hard into your own mouth.  Or, you can let it drip out one dollop at a time, giving you a chance to savor each bit.  The choice is yours.

Cum Eating Games With Miss Violet

I love playing different cum eating games in session.  Whether you are at home, at work, in a hotel, or your vehicle…I will find something for us to use to make the session memorable.

Tell me about your most memorable cum eating session.