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Fair is Fair

You have expected the ladies in your life to swallow your cum, and yet you balk when I ask you to swallow your cum.  What is that about?  Talk about lopsided ethics!

Cum is a precious fluid that you went to all the trouble to make.  Start treating it as such and be prepared to guzzle it down like a good boy when I order you to.

Tag…You’re It

Over the years, you have had quite an entitled attitude about how women should treat your cum.  I say that it is clearly your turn to swallow.  Do not wrinkle your nose, scoff, or get all offended about this.  How dare you refuse to do what you expect her to do?

It is really not that difficult.  Once you get over yourself, and swallow one load of your hot, creamy man juice, you will realize that you were making a big fuss for nothing.  Sure…you might be appalled that you actually swallowed it.  But then….

A Cum Craver is Born

It will not be long before you start thinking about how exciting it was.  Then, you will feel a craving to eat your cum again.  It will become quite strong.  I say feed that need!

Do not even try telling me that cum is disgusting.  Is vaginal fluid disgusting?  Would you disdain eating that?  Of course not.  Cum is the equivalent and you will probably be quite surprised by how good it is.  Put your preconceived notions away and man up.  It is your turn to swallow.

Swallow Your Cum

Next time you pull out your willy for some fun with your favorite Masturbatrix, make the decision that tonight is the night.  Tonight you will dive into this fabulously taboo, sexy fetish.  Tonight you WILL swallow your cum.

Have you swallowed your cum yet?  What stops you?  If you have done it, what did you like best about it?