You Promised To Swallow Your Cum For Me

Swallow your cum for Ms Christine

A promise is a promise my dear…

I didn’t say you had to slurp your own spunk, I merely said that swallowing your cum would please Me. And besides, you promised to do all by yourself.  Of course this constant teasing of your cock, keeping you right on the edge of an orgasm probably had a bit to do with it!  It’s still so hot, so naughty to know that I can get you so aroused, so hot and bothered, that you’ll promise to eat your cum if I only give you permission to cum!

It’s So Kinky Watching You Swallowing Your Cum

You get so hot and bothered, stroking that hard throbbing cock.  “Can I cum now, Mistress?” you ask.  No, my cum eating slut, not yet.  But look at all that precum dripping there.  Why don’t you just give yourself a taste.  Go ahead,stick the tip of your finger in that precum, and then put it in your mouth and suck and lick it clean.  Does it taste good?  Do you want the real thing now?

It’s So Nasty Watching You Swallowing Your Cum

How many edges?  How long will I need to tease you before I know that when that jizz shoots out of your dick you’ll really eat it up for me?  Go ahead, stroke hard and fast with one hand, put your other hand right underneath that cockhead…and cum!  Cum long and hard for me, slut, get every last drop out of those balls.  Then, bring that hand, full of all that warm, creamy cum right to your mouth and swallow your cum all down for me!  So naughty, kinky and oh, so nasty!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine