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Making it Worth it

When I have you save up a lot of loads of cum, I don’t want to rush you through the experience of eating it.  Oh…occasionally, if you have eaten multiple loads for me before and the whim strikes, I may eventually say, “Swallow the rest.  All of it.”  But the vast majority of the time, I am going to draw it out.

It probably took you days, weeks, or months to save all of those loads.  But it is a pleasure for such a compulsive cock stroker.  You have been anticipating our session and I want it to last long enough to exceed your expectation.  Promise less, deliver more.  *wink*

What is A Lot?

The answer is different, depending on who you ask.  I am asking you now.  When I asked my cum eater, Justin, he decided that 20 loads was the number that would satisfy his craving.  I was thrilled to hear that.

It took Justin a while to accumulate that many loads.  He kept me updated, via email, like a devoted cum craver is expected to.  I loved reading how he had saved 4…9…15…20 full, hot loads of his man juice.  Amazing!  When he called for his multiple load cum eating session, that little plastic container was looking pretty full.

How This Works

When you have saved the number of loads you desire, or that I have assigned to you, we will have a session where I watch you eat it in a special cum eating game.  Yes…watch.  For cum eaters require accountability.  That is partly what I am here for.  Here to make sure you do what I tell you to.  Not just to please me, though I do like it when you please your Mistress, but also because you would be so disappointed if you failed.

So I will have you dip a finger into that cum, and rub it around on your lips.  Then lick it off.  Eventually I have you bring the container to your lips, pour a small amount into your eager mouth and swish it around.  Feel it moving over and under your tongue, that creamy liquid squeezing between your teeth.  You will taste it and smell it.

What Happens Next

Then I order you to spit that back into the container.  I have you swirl it around, then take another couple of spoonfuls into your mouth.  Swish, taste, spit.  Swish and spit…repeat as necessary, which is however long I order you to.

It will not be easy, but it will be exhilarating and memorable.  Every time you think about what I had you do with all of that cum, your body will react, and you will be tremendously excited that you actually did it.  And guess what?  You will want to do it again.  Except next time, you will save more loads.

Tell Me Your Story

Have you done this with me?  What did you think of this advanced cum eating experience?

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