Miss Violet Gives you a Cum Eating Challenge 800-601-6975

You are Not New

You have eaten your own cum plenty of times.  It is no longer a challenge for you.  Which makes you a perfect candidate to try my newest challenge that takes eating your own cum to a whole new level.

It is possible that you have done a piece of this challenge already.  But it is the entire process that really pushes you.  It might prod you right over your current boundaries.  *wink*

What To Have on Hand

All you will need for this cum eating challenge is a small glass with about one inch of juice or wine in it.  Do not try this with soda or other forms of alcohol.  It will be nasty in a non-sexy way.

Have your glass at hand when you call me.  We will be making good use of that.

What To Expect

You can expect to be doing a good deal of stroking for me.  Especially if you are starting from scratch with a flaccid cock.  Being the Masturbatrix I am, I will give you sensual direction in how to stroke your cock.

Count on me edging you a bit, for two reasons.  First, it builds anticipation which helps you to successfully eat your cum when the time arrives.  Secondly, it makes you cum harder.  Who doesn’t want that??

The Meat of the Challenge

When I tell you that it’s time to cum, you will be shooting your cum into that glass with the beverage in it.  What happens at that point is going to be intense and exciting.  Because it is not just tipping the glass back and swallowing the contents.   Not even close.

I will have you doing things with your cum that may appall you.  And yet, it will excite the hell out of you at the same time.  Do not try to get more details out of me.  It would destroy the surprise of this nasty cum eating method and I do not want you to know what is coming until it happens.  So much more exciting that way!

Open Up

Tell me…do you enjoy a challenge?  What do you like about it?  Tell me about the most challenging way you have eaten your cum to date.