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Think Way Back

When you were young, you were told to clean your plate.  There are starving children in China, and all of that.  I’m sure you have heard of the clean plate club.  This is the same idea, except with a totally naughty cum eating twist.

With me, you will be praised for cleaning your plate, but it won’t be food that you are eating.

Work That Tongue

I want to see you shoot a big load of man juice on the plate of your choice and lick it off for me.  But it’s not quite that simple.  Yes, I am a voyeur and I like to watch, but I also like to control you.  That’s why they call it coached cum eating.

So I will tell you how many licks you get and the length of time you have to do it in.  You could find yourself doing a few very langorous, sexy licks over a couple of minutes.  And you could just as easily be told to lick fast like a puppy in 30 seconds.  It totally depends on my whim of the moment.

Prepare to Impress Me

I think it will be fun for you to take on this cum eating game, then post your results as a comment on this posting.  That way we can have a friendly competition.  A cum eating show and tell…sort of.  *smile*

Who will be my first plate licking guy?  Is it you?