Eating Cum for Mistress Christine

Cum can be so yummy!

What Does Cum taste Like?

I get that question so often from cum curious callers!  They want to eat cum, but they’re afraid they won’t like the taste.  I can’t answer that question, because every man’s jizz tastes different.  It depends on what they’ve been eating or drinking.  It can also depend on when they’re last orgasm was, on how long their load has sat dormant in their balls.  You can’t control the taste of someone else’s spunk, but you can control the taste and consistency of your own.

Sweeten Your Cum

If you want sweet tasting cum, stay away from red meat, coffee and alcohol.  To get the sweetest cum try eating pineapple or other really sweet fruits.  You can’t just do it for a few hours either.  You’ll need to prepare for 2 or 3 days.  Making sure to drink lots of water can help as well, as it will help you work all those other funky tastes out of your body.

Thick Or Thin Jizz

Being well hydrated will also help with the consistency, as the extra fluids will thin out the cum somewhat.  Of course, if you’ve built up a big load in those swollen balls, it’s going to be a bit thicker and creamier – but who wants to swallow a small load?  So, before your first jism eating adventure, try to get control of that cock and don’t cum for two or three days.  Then, I’d suggest giving one of the Mistresses here at LDW a call, so they can tease and edge you for a while, so that those balls are really churning away.  There’s another reason why you first cum eating foray should be with one of us – so we can talk you through it, and we can make sure all that warm sweet cream ends up in your mouth! 😉