Cream Pie Cum Eating with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

We Both Know It

While you love to eat your cum, we both know that you would HIGHLY prefer to eat your cum out of my pretty, pink pussy.  It’s true, and who could blame you for preferring it that way?

I say that the next best thing to having your mouth on my lotus petal, licking that hot, cream cum out of it, is to jump into a hot fantasy with me on this very subject.

Close Your Eyes, Open Your Mind

This is your time to be all alone with me.  Just the two of us, indulging your deep desires.  So I want you to get comfortable, close your eyes and just listen to my voice.

I will tease you, tempt you, and spin a fabulously realistic role play around your specific cream pie eating fantasies.  Send me an email with the details, so I can pull it up when you call.  That way, we can chat a little and then jump right into the erotic roleplay of your life!

Be Prepared

I want this to be incredibly realistic for you, so please have at least one load of cum on hand when you call.  Imagine how much more exciting it will be when I urge you to crawl up between my thighs to lick your fresh load of cum out of me, and you actually have cum to eat?

This is key to fully enjoying this role play.  So cum into a small plastic container, put the air tight lid on, and bring it to our session.  You will be so glad you took the effort to do this.  *smile*  We are taking pussy worship and cum eating to a new level.

Curious About You

Have you eaten your own cream pie out of a pussy?  Tell me…tell all of us…about your experience.  You know I have a terribly curious mind.