Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Ms Violet and I both know that eating your own cum is a fantasy that is sometimes difficult to bring into reality.  Ah, but the desire is SO STRONG before you cum, isn’t it?  That’s why you’re here!

When a cum eating fantasy is enough

Sometimes all you need (or want) is the fantasy of tasting your own cum.  Sometimes you just want to read about cum eating or listen to a free erotic audio about cum.  If the fantasy erotic roleplay is all you want, do not worry or stress about it!  Do what feels good!

When the fantasy of eating your own cum isn’t enough

BUT….When you’re tired of fantasy only and you want to try eating your jizz, then it’s time to get a coach….someone who will link cum eating with cock control!  You need a Mistress training you to eat cum.  I am the Experienced Mistress and Ms Violet knows how to make a male submissive behave!

What will you do when Mistress asks you to lick cum for Her?

Will you eat cum for your Mistress?  Ah!  How can you refuse?  And, really….do you even want to refuse?  When you don’t want to say no and when you have a talented Mistress urging you to experience something that has been a fantasy for years….why there’s nothing to do but say YES!  And, you will say yes, won’t you?

That is the first step to training you to eat your own cum.  Getting you to say that you want to do it.  So, say out loud for Me, “Mistress I want to eat my own cum.”  Now, how did you feel when you said that out loud?  ~nice~  Imagine how good it will feel when we answer you!

Tell us here (or on the phone) how you feel when you say, “Mistress I do want to learn to eat my own cum!”


Ms Olivia  — click hear if you’d like to listen to this post about training you to eat cum

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