I Know You Love To Eat Cum

Let’s build up that big load you crave!

You are a cum slut, a cum junkie.  You love eating cum, the more the better.  The problem is that when you wank without guidance, you get off way too soon, and there’s just so little of it!  That just causes your cum craving to spike, which means you jerk off more.  Without allowing those balls to refill, those loads just get smaller and smaller.  It’s a vicious cycle really!

Getting Those Big Load

Want a big cumshot? It takes time. I don’t mean years or anything but you have to take your time getting there. Slow and steady wins the race as they say. Whenever I am preparing one of my cum junkie pets to swallow a big load of cum, I take my time with their cock. Let’s be honest here, I’m a cocktease, so I’m really in no hurry to get to the end.  But if I’m feeling generous, I want to build up the eruption.

Filling Your Balls With More Cum

My hands and fingers do masterful work to get a pet to the edge and just keep him there.  Stroke, edge, rest, repeat.  I just let those balls fill with jizz, denying him a release.  Sometimes, while he’s resting, I reach down and massage and squeeze his balls, feeling them churning away.  After a while, I know that any contact will have him nutting off.  When those balls feel full enough, when his begging has turned to incoherent moans,  I know he’s ready. I give him just enough to push him over the edge then I just hold it and wait. A big glob pops out a few inches followed by the frustration of a ruined orgasm! Then I stroke hard and fast, and a blast of cum spews high in the air! This is the one that every man wants. Once his cock has stopped throbbing, and that cum has emptied and pooled on his belly, I scoop it up.  “Open, up, my little cum slut.  Time for your reward.”

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine