Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Before You Freak Out

I am not suggesting you put your nuts on an open flame.  Not at all!  This post is all about the pleasure of eating your own cum while it is warm.  You have likely done this, but perhaps not.  It is time you try it, so you understand why this is so much more erotic.

Nature created your body to produce cum at about 7 degrees below the average body temperature of 98.6.  When you eat your cum by shooting it straight into your mouth, you get the warmest delivery.  It is still creamy and fresh.

Second Best

When you drink your own cum immediately after you shoot into a glass or bowl, you get the next warmest cum.  It is still creamy and fresh.  You know that you enjoy eating it this way.

The reality is that you cannot always eat your cum when you want to.  Sometimes you need to save it up by freezing it until your next cum eating phone sex session.  You major cum buckets are saving up multiple loads for this!  Being dominated by a phone Mistress makes it possible for you to break through barriers and exceed your previous goals.

Making it Even Better

You usually thaw out that saved cum, but another option is to warm it to around 91.6 degrees just before your session.  And then put it in a closed item such as a plastic container with a tight fitting lid.  This will keep it as warm as possible.  Cum eating success happens when you make the entire experience as erotic as possible.  This will help.

I am fine with you heating it up during your session, so it is just the right temperature.  This is great for single loads, but imagine guzzling down multiple loads of wonderfully warm jizz.  It really does heighten the sensuality of the experience for you.

You Decide

I leave it up to you if you want to warm up your saved cum, and how you accomplish that.  My goal is simply to encourage you to try this, so that you you enjoy eating your own cum in the state it is intended…warm.

What is your preference for cum eating?  Warm, cold, or both?

If you warm up your cum, how do you like to do that?

This endlessly curious mind of mine wants to know!