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Erotic humiliation is an art form

This is a very specific kind of power exchange play and I had to learn about the nuances of sexual humiliation.  It really is counter intuitive because some of my absolute favorite submissives (and friends) are humiliation sluts.  Take it from me, I can adore you and then do a wicked mind fuck on you that is thrilling to both of us!

submission and humiliation

The physical sensations of being humiliated by Mistress help you sink deeper into submission.  It’s similar to being spanked by Mistress or CBT by Mistress or any other type of pain play.  There is the zing of intensity from humiliation that releases the feel good endorphins and then the sexual arousal is off the charts !!!  Here’s what one very special pet says about erotic humiliation.  Don’t you agree it’s a thrill ride unlike any other?

Weenie wimp and cum load humiliation for Mistress

Awww, this weenie wimp is a FUN phone sex call!  ~laughs~  Just read the comment from the cum filled mouth!

I get off on the humiliation of the whole thing …. real men don’t eat their own cum and when I’m not in a mind twisted horny near frenzy, the whole idea seems frankly kind of disgusting. So I totally loose the desire to do this right after I ejaculate. So the only way I have been successful in getting my own semen into my mouth is to do the legs over my head position and ejaculate directly into my open mouth. Doing this on webcam in front of a gorgeous woman such as yourself makes it much more compelling and humiliating – especially if she is laughing at you. Then tere is that devastating moment as I am still upside down but now with a mouthful of semen and she’s staring at me.

Then there is that devastating moment as I am still upside down but now with a mouthful of semen and she’s still laughing at me, where I’m thinking, “oh shit …how did this happen to me??!!” and ” what now?”

I laugh weenie wimp!  I laugh my ass off!  THANK YOU for such a great comment that I had to blog it!  ~grinz~

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia