Your cum eating training:cum eating submission Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-7259

Listen to me my voice as I talk to you about your cum eating training.

Let’s talk about power exchange and your cum eating.  Sometimes you know you’re submissive and other times you might not realize the full extent of your need to submit to a beautiful Mistress.  But, when I catch that whiff of sub tendencies in you, I might devise some cum eating games to test out my theory. Mmmmmmm. You’re curious right now aren’t you?

The relationship between Mistress and submissive:

Let’s start with some tease and denial.  I put you on a stroking and edging program.  You like that, don’t you?  Then, I add in some orgasm delay and chastity protocols.  Mmmmmmm.  What happens to you?  Here’s what one pet says:

“When You first told me to do this You had me on a chastity/edging regimen to increase my volume…I was soooo horny (like I am now!)…my mind was in a horny haze and knowing what I was going to do made me even harder!”

Saving your cum for Mistress.

Building up a nice big load of cum is why I want you to edge for me.  What happens then?

“I love saving my cum. The more loads I save the more fun you mistress’ can have with me and I really love that! One of you wonderful devilish Mistress’ who I saved 8 CUM loads for wouldn’t let me thaw it out. She actually had me take the full 8 frozen CUM loads cube, put it in my mouth, hold my mouth open while I jacked-off so I could give myself a mouth open CUM facial! She said it was the greatest thing to watch that CUM cube melt in my mouth while I frantically stroked my cock for my fresh squirt load! It melted before I shot the fresh hot load sooooo she told me , NO swallowing yet! Not until you add the fresh jizz to it! I jacked-off with my CUM already in my mouth then gave myself one of the messiest CUM facials! Don’t worry a couple of those CUM shots went straight into my mouth! And anyways, I had to lick up every single drop. I loved her for it too!”
I love CUM! I love eating my own jizz on cam for you wonderful LDW Mistress’!

Do you have cum loads saved for me?

When you do — I know exactly what I want to do!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia