If you read my post over at Mistress Phone Sex, you’ll remember my tease and denial pet’s wife, Mary.  Seems she’s got a new problem:

But now I have another problem.  Your guided masturbation, teasing and edging seems to have…well, it’s increased his load!  When he finally nuts off, he fills me to overflowing- and now we have “love stains” on the new sofa (Don’t worry about the wet spot – we always fuck on his side of the bed and he gets to sleep in it!).  Any ideas?

What to do with the cum…

Have Him Eat It!

Simple problem, simple answer!  Honestly Mary, this is a great problem to have.  It’s also instructive for all you chronic masturbators out there.  If you’re producing pitiful loads, an extended program of tease and denial will increase it.  Bigger loads mean bigger orgasms!  But, I digress…  This tease and denial pet is already a cum slut.  On the rare occasions I let him “nut off” (I love that!  I’m going to have to use it more often!), I always make him clean up after himself.

Give Him That Creampie

My suggestion is that to get him…acclimated, shall we say…the next time the two of you have sex, you can do one of two things.  If you’ve had your fill of orgasms and your satisfied, jerk him off in to your hand, then have him lick it clean. More fun is option two.   Do it cowgirl style, with you on top.  When he finally explodes, quickly hop off, and plant your pussy right on his face.  He’ll have no choice but to swallow down that warm creampie!  And bonus, his licking and sucking will probably get you off again.  His Mistress (or Wife) should always get the first…and the last…orgasm!