I’m so happy to be part of this blog and I look forward to coaching you all, along with Ms. Olivia and Miss Violet… you know we all want our pets to be the best little cum eaters you can be πŸ™‚

Why do you want it?

Is It The Act Itself

I mean, it is such a naughty thing to do isn’t it? It’s so taboo – it’s not considered acceptable behavior by the mainstream public. Is that why you eat cum or want to eat it? To have a dirty little secret? Does it excite you that if your wife, girlfriend, neighbors, co-workers, etc., found out – it would likely be the most humiliating moment of your entire life?

Is It The Taste Of It

Or maybe it is much more simple than that. Maybe you just plain like it. It started out as curiosity about the taste or what it might be like…to have spooge in your mouth. Β But soon, it turned into an addiction… something you hungered for. You began to crave the taste of cum, didn’t it?

Your Newest Cum Eating Coach

And on a final note, I’m honored to be your newest coach for eating cum and I look forward to delving into the many reasons, and there are more, for eating cum. Whether it be your own or the cum of others… whether you drink it straight from the cock, from a glass or other object, or if it’s creampie you crave, I’m interested! I love to encourage and coax my pets to go forward with their desires and yes, I will share my thoughts on what you’ve done and your performance πŸ˜‰