Off The Floor

What’s your favorite way to eat it?

I hope you cleaned the floor first!  Otherwise, that’s really disgusting and shows me just what a depraved, nasty, cum addict you really are!  Some cum eaters really do enjoy slurping their spunk up off the floor.  For some of them it’s very submissive, to just stroke and nut off while they’re kneeling there.  For others, it’s the humiliation of not even being allowed something to catch their jizz in that makes it so much more special for them.

Out Of A Glass

I’ve had my cum sluts jack off into a shot glass, a Dixie cup, a regular old tumbler and even a very classy, fluted wine glass.  The trick of course is to get your cock right inside so you don’t miss a single drop.  I can also use it to prolong the teasing, since some guys won’t last very long if their cock head is being stimulated.  Put that dick in the glass, and they’re limited to shaft stroking only.  Side benefit?  All their pre-cum ends up there, too!

From Your Hand

Eating cum from your hand helps you to fantasize a bit, doesn’t it?  You’re already imagining that’s not your hand stroking your needy cock, is mine.  After a long period of teasing and many, frustrating edges, I finally grant you permission to release that pent up load in your balls, right into your hand.  When you raise that hand to your face and start licking all that creamy spooge off of it, you can just continue the fantasy and pretend I’m feeding you that big, warm load!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine