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Let’s talk about Power Exchange.

That is a BDsm term that is an expression of what happens in Dominance and submission. I am, of course, the Femdom. ~smiles~ And, if you are submissive, then you will get a *zing* when you read that Mistress will control you. You give up control to Mistress.

Expressions of Dominance by Mistress

Sometimes, you will give up casino onlinecom” target=”_blank”>cock control to Me. Mistress will feminize others. These are just a couple of examples. There are other physical expressions of your submission. One really wonderful way to show your submission is to eat your own cum for Mistress.

Gift of Submission

There are many ways to treat a submissive. The scene is just that, the scene play. If you’re into erotic humiliation along with submission, then you will hear things that are appropriate to your scene. BUT, remember that (outside of the scene play) Mistress respects and honors your Gift of submission. I’ve written on My main blog about how I view the Gift of submission.

I can and do think very highly of male submissives and submissive crossdressers! What we do is a “dance” of power exchange. The dance is lots of FUN! And, the scene play can get deliciously wicked as you can see from this blog comment by a caller:

Doing it because it is the command given by a beautiful and superior female is pretty hot, especially if you are being made to lick it off from the floor, or her shoe. Even just being made to lick your hand clean when you are kneeling in front of her is pretty intense. It is psychologically intense, because that is the moment when your desire for total domination is on the verge of heading back out like the tide. So to have your owner force the issue at that point and require such a humiliating and degrading act pretty much instantly casts the slave back into deep subspace.

OH! Now, THAT comment gets Me all excited! What does it do to you? *wink*

Ms Olivia