There’s nothing to be afraid of…

Why Are You Afraid To Eat Your Cum?

Cum eating is a hot fantasy – right up until you shoot that load, and you’re faced with that handful of creamy goodness.  As all that blood leaves your cock and it goes limp, it’s like it carries all kinds of doubts into your brain.  Does it make me gay?  Is it going to taste bad?  Will it hurt me?  Well, let’s dispel those myths right now and tell you why it’s okay to eat cum.

It Doesn’t Make You Gay

Do you know one of the things that’s in cum?  Testosterone.  Do you think the big T is going to turn you into a panty wearing sissy?  Eating cum will not make you gay – either you already are or you’re not, you were wired that way from birth.  Eating cum is just another way to express your sexuality, not define it!

It Tastes Bad

How do you know if you’ve never tried it?  If it does taste extra bitter, then change your diet!  What you eat and drink is going to affect the taste of your jizz.  Want sweeter jizz, eat lots of fruits, especially pineapple.  Stay away from alcohol and coffee.  Drink lots of water and herbal teas.  First though, you have to swallow that load.  Maybe you already eat those things and your spunk tastes like sweet cream!

It’s Not Going To Hurt You

All those stories on the internet about the latest starlet who ended up in the emergency room and had a gallon of cum pumped out of her stomach?  They’re crap (OMG, check Snopes when you read these things!).  The average guy produces less than a teaspoon  of jizz when he cums.  So, unless you’re a porn star in The Ultimate Gangbang 19, you’re not going to OD on semen.  What, you think it’ll make you sick?  Well, unless you work in a nuclear reactor and your balls glow green (blue balls – good, glowing green balls – bad!) the only thing you’ll be swallowing is stuff already in your body – and that’s not harming you, now is it?