When You Eat Your Cum for a Mistress

eat your cum for Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-7259Listen to my voice talking to you about why you need to eat your cum for a Mistress.

Eating your own cum for someone other than yourself makes a difference.  You can try to turn your cum eating fantasy into reality with your real life partner but, let’s be honest here, do you really want to risk having that conversation.  There’s a chance that your desire to eat your cum won’t go over well with your partner.  Even if she goes along with your curiosity you probably won’t get CEI cum eating instructions from your girlfriend.

Making Sure You Eat Your CumCoached to Eat Cum (800) 601-6975

I was talking recently with one of my favorite cum eaters and I asked him about working with me as his cum coach.  He says it’s made all the difference in the world to him being a successful cum eater:

Man who eats cum: “… it is all done for your enjoyment. I need  a mistress who controls my loads and what to do with them.  (eating my load) is a proper thing to do.”

Value of Cum Eating Instructions and Cum Challenges

When it comes to creativity, two heads really ARE better than just one (pun intended).  A cum coach adds variety AND accountability:

He eats cum for me: “A Mistress encourages cum eaters to new challenges on a regular basis.  Eating multiple loads is just a natural progression for any devoted cum eater.”

He continues:

He eats cum for me:  “A Mistress requires a proper cum eater to go on cam and prove his skills to his Mistress.  A proper cum eater should ideally keep a regular weekly log and send it to his Mistress about his cum eating attempts during previous week so a Mistress should evaluate where to potentially improve.”

How is YOUR cum eating going?

I think you need a cum coach.  Don’t you?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia