Whether you’re cum curious, or a spunk slut, there’s a reason why you want to eat cum…

Eat Cum for Ms. Christine

let’s get to the bottom of why YOU want to…

You Are/Were Curious About The Taste

This might have been the first thing that led you to scooping up just a bit of that pre-cum and taking a quick, tentative taste as you stroked your cock.  It was a hot thought, wasn’t it?  And since you’re pre-cum wasn’t too bad, you wondered how your jism actually tasted.  So, you stroked and stroked, until you shot that load right into your hand – and then you brought that hand up to your mouth and licked it all clean!  Or, maybe you haven’t yet, because you’ve run into the major issue with swallowing your own seed – it’s not so appealing after you’ve cum, is it?  Don’t worry though, Ms. Olivia, Ms. Violet and I will make sure you get a mouthful soon – and after that, you’ll be hooked!

It’s Humiliating

Is this what drives you?  She eats cum, you don’t.  Well, men don’t eat cum, but then again, are you really a man?  I don’t think so.  I think you’re a cum eater, and I think it makes you cum even harder to have to do it while a sexy woman is watching.  Laughing at you, telling you how pathetic you are, goading you into doing it because she doesn’t think you will.  And tell me – do you think later about how I’m sharing our experience with all my Mistress friends and telling them what a pathetic spooge slurping slut you are? …lol

Because Your Mistress Said So

Isn’t this the best reason of all?  Knowing that my control of your cock isn’t just about your stroking, isn’t just about whether you get to cum or not – it’s extends all the way to what you do with that scummy mess when you’re done?  And it makes me so hot and wet to think that you’re doing this nasty, dirty thing – just for me! 😉