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We Both Know You Do

You enjoy telling me all about it, you love to eat it for me on our cum eating phone sex calls, and some of you even love to have me watch you on webcam (my personal fave!). But what about your significant other? Would you like to share this particular fantasy with your wife or girlfriend? You know, she just might surprise you and decide it’s hot and want to play…

Imagine Licking Cum From Her Thighs

Or any part of her body really. That is such a hot thought, isn’t it? The two of you making love, and just as you’re about to cum, you pull out of her and cum all over her tummy and thighs and vulva… and then licking every drop of cum from her body. Or she might enjoy sucking cock from time to time. And when you’re ready to cum, she can pull you out and stroke you off on her beautiful breasts. We both know you’ll savor every drop of cum when licking it right off of those gorgeous globes. It’s a high form of body worship in my opinion.

Snow Balls Are Always Fun

If your lady is really kinky, this is such a fun and sensual option. She can either go down on you and suck your cock, or the two of you can “69” – either way, when you get ready to cum, she’ll keep sucking until she takes every drop of your hot creamy jizz in her mouth. But of course she doesn’t swallow it. Instead, she crawls up next to you and gives you a long, seductive french kiss, letting every drop of that sweet treat in her mouth run right into yours. Now how’s that for a delivery? 😉