Maybe You’re Not Gay

What a wonderful way to please me!

To be honest, many cum eaters aren’t.  Sure, there are a number of them who like to slurp down another guy’s spooge, but most of you are just into eating cum, your own cum.  We discussed over the last several posts how some of you do it only because it pleases your Mistress, and how some of you do it because you’re addicted to the taste of your own spunk. But just because you may not be interested in sucking cock, there’s no reason not to experience a kinky face blast!

Legs Over Your Head, Dildo In Your Ass – Cum Eating Time!

Having a dildo in your ass doesn’t make you gay.  Doesn’t even necessarily make you bi.  Just means you like anal stimulation while you jerk off. So, if it’s going to get you that hot and that excited, why not add cum eating to your kinky perversion? We’ll aim your cock right at your mouth and have a dildo inside you and fucking your ass – this is how I want you to cum.  The whole goal here is to train you into becoming a sperm-addicted cumslut! You’ll jerk-off like a slut, you’ll cum like a slut and then you’ll drink every drop – just like a slut! Who knows, I may even have you dressing in panties and a bra soon – just like a slut!

Cum Eating For Me

I’m going to O-gag your mouth wide open so we get as much of your beta-sperm down your throat as possible. Now the only thing you’re missing is a face full of cum. I’m going to sit right here and supervise your facial. Take this dildo and start fucking yourself.  Should I be nice and tell you how to get that cock to hit just the right spot in your ass?  Or should I mock and ridicule you for having to cum like a slut? Either way, you’re going to hear me laughing and telling you what a sexy cum eater you are as you start to cum. Next thing you know, you’ll feel your load splashing over your face and dripping down into your mouth. Swallow every drop for me my sexy cum whore!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine