Cum Eating Food Fun
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Play With Your Food

Contrary to what you heard previously in life, I encourage you to play with your food.  Especially when it involves cum eating.

After all, you provide the best possible natural filling…your cum.  And there are so many wonderful foods out there, just waiting to be filled!

Dare to Do a Donut

One of my favorite cum eating ideas involves a cream filled donut.  Before the session starts, you suck the filling out, so the donut is hollow.  A sweet vessel, desperately needing to be filled.

I guide you through some rather intense, creative guided masturbation.  Depending on your preference, I can edge you to build you up to a mind spinning orgasm…or simply drive you over the edge in a frenzy.  Either way, just before you cum, you put the tip of your cock into the opening of the donut.  Then you fill ‘er up!

You Are Not Done Yet

As this point, you will be so worked up, that when I instruct you to “Take a big bite of that filled donut”, you will do it.  And it will be sweet with all of that tasty dough wrapped around it.  Yum!

I should make it clear, that no matter which food item you select, you will be eating your own cum after you fill it.  *grin*

Twinkie Magic

They work fabulously for cum eating.  The great thing about filling up a twinkie, is that you can fit more of your cock in it before you fill it.  Imagine that spongy, soft cake with bits of the cream filling left inside, wrapped firmly around your cock.  How could you stop yourself from filling it with your own cream?

Then I either watch you, on cam, or listen to you as you eat every little bite of that special dessert we created together.  Coaching you through.  Making it so sexy, that you can’t help yourself.

Cream Filled Cookies

Another favorite of mine is using cream filled cookies.  Yes, you get to lick the cream out of them so they are empty cookies before we play.  *wink*  A little snack to build up your energy.  You will need it!

Because I will have you cum hard onto one of the cookies, put the other half on top, and pop it into your mouth.  You can eat a cum filled cookie in one delicious bite.  Or if you are a dainty sissy, I will have you eat it in four ladylike bites.

Get Creative

These are my favorite sweet food items to have you fill with cum, and eat.  But there are lots of other great food items to use in a cum eating game session.  The mix of cum eating and food play is very exciting!

Have you ever tried this type of cum eating?  What did you use?  Did you enjoy it?  What do you fantasize about cumming into and eating?

Listen to this sample of my latest cum eating audio, “Cum Filled Eclair”.  Hear the full audio at