I love to watch…

It’s Hot

I like watching you eat cum.  Watching you stroke and jerk that cock, seeing it turn purple and swell, getting harder and harder is such a turn-on.  And watching those faces you make as I bring you to the edge over and over again – well, they’re priceless.  The look of desire and desperation on your face, until I finally grant you permission – permission only I can grant, because I control your cock.  And then you spurt, collect it all in your hand and eagerly eat all that cum.  That is so hot, I can almost orgasm just from watching you!

You’re Doing It Just For Me

control your cock, and I tell you when and where you can shoot that load…and what to do with it.  I know you are so desperate to empty those balls, and you’ll do this one, special thing for me.  You’ll eat that cum for me.  Do you do it for anyone else? No, you swallow that spooge just for your Mistress!

It’s Humiliating

Men don’t eat cum…but you do.  What kind of kinky, dirty pet wants to be turned into a cum dumpster?  You’ve given me your erotic confession, and told me how you don’t just want to eat your own cum, you want me to train you to suck cock, so you can satisfy that insatiable hunger for cum.  WE both know what you are.  A cum slut, a cock whore who’ll eat the cum that ends up in his mouth, on the floor…or anywhere in his general area!