You can read Part 1 over at Mistress Phone Sex Calls …but to get you up to speed:  I had a chronic stroker on the phone, begging to cum, but I wasn’t going to let him until he begged me to eat his own cum!

You’ll learn to love it…

I Don’t Think Cum Eating Ever Entered His Mind

This poor stroke pet was on about his 20th edge.  He’d promised me everything under the sun, if I’d just allow him to nut off.  It was our first call, so it was too early to have him orally worship me,  that’s something a slut has to earn!  I really wasn’t in the mood to spank him, and it was much too early to turn him into a bi-boi cocksucker.  He just wasn’t hitting on the magic words, “I want to eat my cum.”

Putting The Suggestion In His Mind

“Pet, what’s going to happen if you suck cock for me?” I asked.  He was all over the map.  I’ll be humiliated, some guy will be using me, you’ll get to watch…and on and on.  “No, pet, what happens when a cock gets a complete blow job – to the end?”

 “It cums, Mistress.  I’ll get covered in cum.”

“I’d rather you swallow that load.” I laughed.  “Since there’s no cock around there for you to suck, what if you swallowed your own jizz?”

He went on – while he edged, mind you – about how he’d never done that, how he didn’t know if he could.  “Well, if you want to cum, you need to promise to clean up your own mess.  In fact, I want you to beg me for it!”

Begging for Spunk

He started begging, but it was kind of sad actually, so I had him start by licking up all that pre-cum.  As he got used to the taste, his begging got more and more sincere.  After one particularly intense edge – seriously, I thought we were going to end up with a ruined orgasm! – I let him cool down and had him get a plate.  Then I asked him if he was ready, and told him he could cum.  It was long and loud – and immediately followed up by slurping sounds as he licked all his cream from the plate!