Cum Curious Cum Eaters

It starts and ends with a kiss…

Every Cum Mistress has her stories about wannabe cum eaters.  Their fantasies of eating their own spunk, and the tricks, tips and techniques she has to make sure it happens.  Every one of us cum eating coaches knows that it’s all about getting you started on a jizz eating journey.  Every cum junkie had that first time, getting to the point of actually swallowing down that spooge.

You Know How Bad You Want To Eat Cum

Go ahead pet, just try eating your cum once.  I know you’ve been fantasizing about cum eating for years, but right now, I don’t want you to think about it, I don’t want you to obsess about it.  How it’s going to taste, how it will feel sliding to the back of your throat.  We both know that deep down inside you want to eat cum, so just stop letting that voice in your head tell you you can’t.  Just listen to my voice telling you that you will eat cum…that you must eat your own jizz.

A Surprise If You Eat It

Let go of all those negative thoughts that are saying, “you can’t eat cum,” “no, men don’t eat cum,” or “if you eat cum, you’ll go gay!”  Just raise that hand, full of all that spooge that just shot out of your cock, to your mouth and lick.  Put that entire load in your mouth.  Don’t swallow yet.  I promised you a reward.  If you fill your mouth with all that spunk…I’ll let you kiss me!  You see, your Cum Mistress?  She loves the taste of cum, too.  So, if you eat up all that yummy cream, I’ll let you give me a kiss, so we can share all that warm, sweet, delicious load.

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine