A Question from a Reader

I received an email the other day from one of my pets:

Ms. Christine, can you help me? I hate cum. Or at least I think I do … I hate seeing in movies. During sex it kinda’ grosses me out . But during oral I want it on my face and body but I never tasted it…. I think it’s a fear.
How to get over it ?

Do you really wanna?

It’s Not a Fear

Well, I don’t think it’s a fear, pet.  I think what it is is that you just don’t want to admit that cum eating is good for you and that it could be fun and enjoyable.  You hate seeing it in movies?  Is it maybe because someone else, a hot porn goddess, or a sexy twink gets to have all that jizz and you don’t?  Does it gross you out during sex because it’s sticky and slimy and gets everywhere?  And “during oral I want it on my face and body”?  Are you telling me that you suck cock but you don’t swallow?  Or that you want your lover to give you snowball kisses?

Answering My Own Cum Eater Questions

Well, I think we dealt with the first one.  You want to be covered in cum, to slurp it all up, and you don’t like it in movies because you’re jealous!  You want to be the cum covered object of affection – or humiliation, take your pick.  If it grosses you out during sex, then the only solution is to use your mouth and tongue to rid the world of every last trace.  And what kind of knob gobbler are you (come on, I know no one is sucking your dick!) who doesn’t swallow that wonderful gift.  How to get over it?  Man up, you pussy, and eat cum!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine