Eating Cum Pleases Your Mistress

Eating Cum for Ms Christine

Jerk off and eat it for Me…

Is eating cum really that horrible of an idea?  I mean, it’s not like I’m going to ask you to eat a gallon of jizz for me!  Just whatever comes out of your pathetic cock, whatever is in those balls, when I finally give you permission to cum.  It would make me so happy to see you slurping up your spunk.  You do want to please your Mistress, don’t you? 

Start Stroking For Me

I’m not going to let you cum right away.  If I did, there’d only be a few drops!  I’m going to tease and edge you, really get those balls churning.  Is that an edge already?  You must be really hot and horny, just thinking about swallowing your load for me.  If it was really that much of a turn-off, why, you wouldn’t even be hard, now would you?  Keep stroking, keep edging.  I want those balls aching and you begging to cum!

Where Will You Be Eating Cum?

I could just have you nut off into your hand, or shoot it all over the floor, but you’ve been such a good pet, edging and teasing yourself for me.  Would you like to bust that nut somewhere on my sexy body and then lick it off?  Are you a little foot slut?  Would you like to try eating cum from my feet?  My breasts could be fun…or, I could turn around and you could deposit that load on my sexy ass.  Have you been a really good pet?  Do you think you deserve to cum all over my pubes?  I might just let you, but of course you’ll  have to lick it all up afterward!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine