Are you curious about eating your own cum? Maybe you’re curious or aroused by that naughty taboo, but you haven’t done it. Perhaps you’re experienced with cum eating but want to become a cum addict. I know some of you know you need to be a cum junkie and want to share this with a Dominant woman who loves this fetish.

Eating your own cum podcast episode on The Weekly Hot Spot kink podcastIf any of those questions apply to you, check out the BDSM, kink podcast I do with Ms Erika.  It’s called The Weekly Hot Spot. There are a variety of kinky topics, unusual guests and lot of fun.

BDSM kink podcast about cum eating fetish

Ms Hunter joins us for this episode to ask: Do you eat your own cum? Fantasy versus reality. Ms Hunter is a favorite guest on our podcast because she’s fun, funny, and, in this case, she has a blog called Cum Eating Fantasies. Check out her wicked sense of humor with this blog post called Cum Eating parody songs.

Fantasy versus reality with cum eatingEating your own cum podcast episode on The Weekly Hot Spot kink podcast

Why is this fantasy so hot? For me, I think it’s the taboo nature. Women suck cock and then swallow (me) or don’t swallow (many women). The man licking up his own spunk is unexpected, and humans love novelty.

In this podcast episode,.  Ms Hunter says there are three types of cum eaters:

  • those who want the fantasy only,
  • those who will do it for their Mistress or a woman who enjoys it; and
  • those that are just cum sluts, for whatever reason.

Motivation to try to eat his own cum

As you can see, one of the motivations is to please Mistress or the Dominant woman who likes turning a man into a cum eater. As with most BDSM or kink play, the style of play can run the gamut from sensual to strict, flirty to demanding, gentle teasing to very humiliating, etc. Personally, I like to start sensual and then make things more and more intense.

Humiliation and cum eating

Erotic humiliation doesn’t have to part of your cum eating training but it often is. Take a look at the Humiliation with cum eating instructions and tell me if this is exciting.

On the podcast, we have a long conversation about how a Femdom uses humiliation as a way to exert control over her submissive.

Questions about cum eating

There are some issues that most men with this cum fetish worry about. Some people know they want to eat cum and they dive right in. Others have some concerns. These are some of the common issues that we talk about on this podcast:

  • Does wanting to eat cum make me gay?
    If I eat my own cum, will I want to suck cock?
    What does it MEAN that I want to eat my own cum?

Do you have any of those worries? Or, did you before you started to always lick up your own cum?  If you did, leave a comment telling us all about your experiences. You might inspire a blog, audio or even a shoutout on the podcast!

sissy cum eating

We don’t want to leave out the sissies!  I mention putting a sissy in chastity to make that sissy eat cum. Chastity training isn’t just for sissies, chastity can be great for all sorts of submissive training.  Any sissy who is reluctant to lick up her sissy cummies finds herself suddenly willing to do anything just to be let out of chastity! The ladies all talk about some cum sluts in their lives and how much fun a sissy can be!

Hear all the stories about favorite cum eating experiences in session and in their private lives.If you are a cum slut or a wannabe cum eater, this episode is for you!

Leave a comment and let me know you enjoyed the episode and our BDSM, kink podcast The Weekly Hot Spot.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia