Cum Eating with Ms. Christine

The best time…is whenever I say you should…

When is the best time for you to eat cum?  Now.  Right now, right this very moment, is the best time for you to eat jizz.  Okay, maybe not RIGHT NOW – I mean, unless you’re a two pump chump who literally creams his jeans.  Like, I mean, as your pull down your pants and they drag along your cock, you nut off! 

Don’t Put Off Eating Cum

Now, if you don’t pop your cork after two or three jerks, it might take you a while to build up and shoot off a load to eat.  So what I’m saying is stop putting off eating cum.  You’ve fantasized about eating jism for long enough.  You’ve promised your Cum Mistress for a long time too.  So stop procrastinating and swallow that spooge!

Start Eating Cum Today

The very next time your jerk off…if you are allowed release…I want you to spunk into your hand, a cup, a dish, whatever you have.  Then, I want you to eat it.  Swallow it down in one gulp if you must. But if you’re feeling adventurous, let it rest on your tongue so you can savor the taste for a bit. Maybe even gargle with it for all I care, just take the leap.  Eat that cum.  Keep eating cum—when you whack off, when your sexy wife allows you to dump a load in her pussy, if she just lets you spray it on her body – eat it up.  If you start now, you’ll never miss another handful of jizz, another creampie.  I guarantee, once you start, you’ll wonder why you waited so long!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine