Eat Cum for Ms. Christine

Share some cum eating intimacy with her…

You Want To Eat Cum

You’ve been cum curious for a long time.  Maybe you’ve licked up your pre-cum, but never actually gone so far as filling your hand and licking it clean.  Or maybe you have, and you’re a cum junkie, but you have no idea how to share that with your partner.  With A Mistress, it’s easy.  Most of us expect it, and it’s not a shock or anything we haven’t heard before.  What if it’s your sexy wife or your vanilla girlfriend?

Make It A Couples Thing

Don’t go all out while she’s giving you a handy and tell her you want to eat your own cum.  If it’s something new to her, she likely won’t know how to react.  Instead, make it part of your sexy time.  When you’ve got your dick inside of her (you do get to fuck her don’t you?  You’re not a cuckold, are you?) and you’ve cum, she probably isn’t satisfied yet (I’m just guessing here…or am I?), so go down on her and give her the orgasm she didn’t get during intercourse as you clean up that creampie.  Then you can tell her how hot that was, eating your spooge mixed with her juices.  Or, when she’s blowing you – if that actually ever happens – don’t let her swallow and give her a deep French kiss.  She may be shocked, but tell her you didn’t mind that her mouth was full of cum.

Then You Can Move On

After she realizes how hot it makes you – and how she’s rewarded with her denied orgasm, or that she doesn’t have to swallow your jizz – she’s going to get into it.  Before you know it, you’ll be swallowing every load.  And that new found control may just lead to her taking control of other things in your life – like your chronic masturbation habit!