Catching your cum in a receptacle makes it easier to get every drop!

You Need To Capture Your Cum

If you are going to eat cum for me, you have to capture it!  We’ll get the cum out of you, but do you really want to lick it up off the dirty floor?  Maybe you do.  Maybe for you, eating your own jizz isn’t enough, you need even more humiliation and having to suck it up off a dirty floor is right up your alley.  However, for the rest of you, just where and how can we catch that cum?

Plates, Cups And Condoms, Oh My!

Outside of just catching it in your hand, these are the classics.  Having one of you stroke sluts on webcam, naked and on your knees, cock positioned just so over a black plate or saucer is just so pleasing.  I get to see every streamer and droplet of cum landing on that dishware and I can make sure you lick up every droplet.  I also like having my cum sluts nut off into a shot glass, or a full coffee cup.  And of course, having you shoot into a condom makes sure we capture every ounce of your “manly” essence!

Imaginative Cum Catchers

Last post, I talked about having my sissies cum into their panties and then lick them clean.  If I’ve got you kneeling at my feet, I might let you jizz all over my pumps or boots and then lick it off as you worship them.  I’ve also let some very special pets cum on my leather skirted ass – gives a whole new meaning to “Kiss my ass”!  And of course, for the truly advanced and flexible cum junkie, nothing beats throwing your legs up over your head and giving yourself a facial!

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