There Is A Progression To Cum Eating

I’ll be your Coach for the evening…

Cum eaters come in all different styles.  There are those who just jump right in to slurping up their spooge, but some need coaching and have to be taken along in steps.  As a consummate Cum Mistress, I’ve learned and perfected my techniques of coaching you to eat cum for quite some time now.  If you’re not ready to swallow it all down, believe me, I can get you to that point.

Just A Taste Of Cum

I like to start your cum eating journey with lots of tease, edging and denial.  Working you up over a long period of time, having those balls churn up a big load, watching as you leak more and more pre-cum.  Then, we take just a dab of jizz onto your finger and have you taste it.  You’re hot, you’re aroused, you’re horny and you are oh so willing to taste that spunk and find out…it’s not so bad!  Maybe, if you’ve been a good budding cum junkie, I’ll finally allow you to cum…then have you pick up a drop of the real stuff and lick that off.

Cum Kisses

I can only do this with my personal pets who visit me.  If they’ve been doing well with their dabs of cum, pleasing their Mistress, I might allow them a very special treat.  A nice, long, teasing blowjob!  Every once in a while, as I’m licking up that shaft, I linger over the head, kissing it, and coating my lips with that sweet pre-cum.  Then, I slide up, and kiss him, letting him lick the cum off my lips.  Good cum eaters get rewarded!

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