Did you read Part 1 of this cum eating series? Remember, this is all about coaching you to eat your cum, taking small steps, until you’re swallowing that whole, entire load.

The Next Level Of Cum Eating

I can’t get enough of being your coach!

When we first started your cum eating journey, I was easy on you.  I just had you eating dabs of pre-cum, maybe a drop or two from a ruined orgasm.  You were still aroused and horny, so, unlike many men who say they want to eat cum, you hadn’t lost the desire because you climaxed.  It’s going to get harder, though…just like your cock!

Hand Feeding You Cum

It’s time to get you a real load, cum slut.  The way you’ve been licking up those drops a dribbles, I can tell your cum hungry.  It’s going to be a real test this time though.  I’ll tease and edge you, making those balls churn, building up that load.  Now, are you ready?  Are you desperate to cum, pet?  So desperate, you’ll promise to eat that jizz?  I’ll bring you off, filling my hand with cum…then slap it right over your open mouth, letting it all dribble into your mouth! Keep your mouth open, let it all in!   Keep it there, don’t swallow until I tell you to.  I want you to savor that salty, bitter sweet taste!

It Isn’t Just About Cum Eating 

As a cum slut to a Cum Mistress, it’s not always about eating spooge.  Sometimes it’s about being covered in it!  So, we’ll continue your training.  After you’ve shown me that you can swallow jizz with my help, instead of clamping my hand over your open mouth, I’ll bring that come puddle up to your face – and just rub it all over.  When I’m done it’ll be on your lips, on your eyes, in your hair.  You’ll look like every bukkake whore you’ve ever watched on porn!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine