One thing I always want to make sure of with my cum eating fetishists is that they’re getting the complete, full load of jizz.  Allowing you to jerk off and then lick it up – whether it’s from your hand, off the floor or from my body, you might miss some here or there.  So in Part 4, let’s work on making sure you get every single drop!

Cum Eating From A Condom

Cum Eating with Ms Christine

It’s good to the last drop!

You should always practice safe sex- so wrap that dicklet up in a rubber.  Please, a Magnum?  Really?? No, you just need the small size.  You want to use unlubed condoms for this – no one wants their spunk with a spermicide chaser!   Tease yourself, get hot and bothered and really leak for me – then use that pre-cum to get that condom on your shaft.  All that teasing before your put that rubber on also gets those balls churning, so you’ll fill that reservoir tip.  Once you’ve had your orgasm, you should stand up and point your cock down – use gravity to make sure that cum all ends up in the tip – then carefully roll it off.  Open your mouth, tip the open end onto your tongue and squeeze it all out – like toothpaste. Now swallow it down!

Cum In Your Mouth

You don’t have to be limber enough to actually suck your own cock – or perform auto-fellatio.  I just want you to be able to bend enough that while your stroking, you can point your dick right at your mouth.  With some of my personal slaves, I like to put them in bondage, and tie their legs up over their head, but you can always hold them there yourself.  Then follow my guided masturbation instructions, and when I utter the magic word  – “CUM!” – make sure it all shoots right into your open, waiting, hungry mouth!

Cum Cubes

Instead of eating cum out of a condom, you can tie the end off tightly and put it in the freezer.  Of course, that doesn’t yield a very big cum cube.  What I’d really rather you do is collect your spooge in an ice cube tray.  Once you have several cum cubes ready to go, you can call me up for a teasing session.  I’ll have you pop a cube in your mouth and suck on it, letting all that creamy spunk slide down your throat – denying you permission for release until that cum cube is complete melted.

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine