Eat Cum For Ms Christine

I <3 recycling cum!

Two of My Favorite Things

Cockteasing and having you eat your own cum for me.  What could be better?  Let’s start by having you naked and kneeling.  I’ll guide your masturbation, working that cock up, getting those balls churning and swollen with a nice big load of cream.  If you want to eat cum, honey, you are going to get the full load!

Teasing Out A Big Load

I’ll tease you for a long while, edge after edge.  Look at all that pre-cum!  It shouldn’t go to waste, so after every edge, while you rest, I want you to lick your hand clean.  Go ahead, swallow it all down, I hope it goes straight from you belly into you balls, swelling them with even more jizz, making them ache for me.  What if every fifth edge, I have you get in just a couple extra strokes?  Go ahead, ruin that orgasm, but make sure all that dribbling, dripping spunk ends up in a glass for me.  Oh, don’t swallow it down just yet – just save it for me for now!

The Big Load

After all that teasing, after all those edges, you’ll be begging to shoot that load.  Go ahead, cum slut, stroke hard and fast for me, and keep stroking even as that cock begins spasming and ropes of cum start spurting out, right into that glass with all your ruined cummies in it.  I hope it doesn’t overflow (haha)!  Make sure you get every last drop.  Milk that cock and squeeze those balls.  When you’re drained, bring that glass full of spooge up to your lips and swallow it all down.  We have to recycle all of your juices for the next round, now don’t we?