Cum Eating with Ms. Christine

I’ll feed you the cum you need!

You Crave Cum

Oh, you were cum curious once, but that’s all behind you now, isn’t it?  I remember how you just didn’t want to eat cum for me.  A few ruined orgasm convinced you to at least try it – and from then on, you turned into a cum junkie!  Now, you just can’t get enough!

A Need That Must Be Satisfied

Those cravings are constant aren’t they?  Do you think your co-workers realize that when you slip away to the restroom, you’re in there furiously jerking your cock until your balls empty their precious load into your hand so you can drink it all up?  No more jerking off in the shower, letting that wonderful jizz got to waste down the drain.  You wake up from that sexy dream of me teasing and tormenting your cock, and you just have to jerk off, so you can swallow that cream.  It’s better than warm milk!

More Cumming, Less Spooge

That’s the problem, isn’t it?  The more you try to satisfy your cum craving, the more you jerk off and nut off, the less spunk there is.  It’s the law of diminishing returns.  The only way to get those big loads you crave is to let those balls rest and churn out more cum.  You just can’t control yourself.  Don’t worry, I have the answer to your cum craving.  If you can’t control your cock, give me a call.  And give me control of your cock and balls.  I’ll make sure your cum craving is satisfied.

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine