Bad Boy Cum Eater – Jerk Off To Me

I’ll make you good at it…

Believe me, I know how many of you look at my blogs at Mistress Phone Sex Calls and at Straight Guys Sucking Cock.  I know that while you are staring at my pictures, imagining what I look like naked, reading about all the nasty, naughty kinky things I’d do to you…or have you do while I laugh at you…that you’re furiously stroking and jerking that cock.  And those of you who are bad boys? You just shoot all that nasty sticky jizz all over, then close your browser…

Good Boys Jerk Off To Me…And Eat Up Their Cum

Good boys?  Oh, I know you’re still jerking off.  Maybe you follow my standing rules of edging at least 5 times or stroking for 20 minutes before you nut off…but then you prove to me just how good you are, don’t you?  You gather up all that jizz, and you swallow it all down for your Cum Mistress, don’t you?

What Happens To Bad Boys

So, which are you, pet?  A good boy, or a bad boy?  I actually hope you’re bad, so I can punish you!  Take you over my knee and redden that ass with my hairbrush.  And of course, I don’t like bad boys, so I will turn you into a good boy, one who laps up every drop of spooge, every time he cums!  Oh, I specialize in making bad boys into good boys…and I have so much fun doing it, too!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine