A Cum Eating Filled Day

Eating your jizz all day long!

Today, I want you to have cum with every one of your meals.  For a cum junkie like you, this should be a day you never forget.  In fact, you’ll probably wake up with cum on your breath tomorrow morning, just to remind you of what a slut you really are!  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, all your snacks, everything will have a nice dollop of jizz on it or in it.  Now, I will allow you to stroke and cum without restriction – well, other than giving me five edges before each orgasm – but even with that, I think you’re going to have difficulty producing enough spunk.

Make Sure You Have Enough Cum

So, I’m going to give you a few ways to make sure you have the amount of jizz you’ll need for today.  First, you could tease, edge and deny yourself for 10 days before trying your day long cum eating binge.  Those balls might be blue, swollen and full enough to give you all you need.  A second option is to begin collecting your spooge a few weeks beforehand.  Last, instead of having full orgasms – save that for dessert! – you could ruin all your orgasms and just let it drip out.

Your Cum Eating Menu

Now, it’s time for some sploshing!

Breakfast – You should have a light breakfast to start your cum eating day.  I’m thinking a bagel, toast or English muffin.  No cream cheese or butter – just cum!  And then some coffee – substitute your cock cream for real cream!

Lunch – how about a nice thick hot dog!  Tell me, is it as red as your cock head?  No ketchup or mustard, just a nice thin drizzle of nut butter!

Dinner – I’m sure you’re hungry by now, so let’s go all out.  We need to start with an appetizer, so how about Cummus.  Get some hummus, then turn it into Cummus by dropping a load of jizz right on top.  A salad would go nicely – how about with some cum dressing?  And the main course – I’m thinking a nice juicy steak – with beurre Jizz.  And a baked potato with some bittersweet cream – a nice dollop of spooge.  Sounds delicious!  And let’s not forget dessert – how about a cupcake with some cummy icing?

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine