Do you want to lick your cum off of my body?

A Different Way To Eat Cum

I’ve talked about eating cum from a condom, eating it out of your hand, or out of a glass or off of a plate.  We’ve even talked about self sucking, so you can get that jizz right from the tap.  Here’s a different way to eat cum – the cum body shot!  A facial could be considered a body shot, but you either need to self suck, have another cock there to cover you, or you just have to be an epic cummer!  If you’re not flexible enough to self suck, don’t want to suck cock or can’t shoot spunk that far, let’s try something else.

Cum On Yourself

Not until I give you permission, though!  When I do though, you can shoot all over your stomach.  Now, this isn’t truly a cum body shot, because you are going to have to gather that pool of warm cream in your hand and lick it off your fingers, but it is close enough.  Try something fun.  Grab a dildo and swirl it around in that jism and then lick it off! Not into dildos? Try a lollipop or some other yummy treat you love.

Body Shots With A Partner

This is much more fun!  I often have foot sluts jerk off all over my pretty feet then lick it all up.  Into stockings?  Imagine shooting your load all over my thigh highs and then having to suck them clean.  I might even let you sit in a chair, while I kneel in front of you and have you nut off all over my breasts.  Wouldn’t you love to lick your spooge off of my beautiful nipples?  If you’re lucky enough to have a wife or girlfriend who actually lets you stick your dick inside of her, instead of cleaning up that cream pie, pull out an jizz all over her tummy, or on her ass, then slurp it all up!  Remember, good sluts clean up after themselves!

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