Cum Eating And Melons

Cum Eating with Ms Christine

Summertime fun cum eating treat!

Ms. Brighton did a wonderful post all about her Melon Fucker the other day, and you should certainly click on that link and see just how she humiliated one of her stroker slut cum eaters!  Anyway, melons are in season – and I’m not talking about my breasts!  But, think of how fun that could be, to grab two honeydew melons, lube them up, slide your cock in between then and pretend you actually being allowed to titty fuck me…as if that would ever happen!  Just remember, when you finally do nut off, to go ahead and clean up all that jizz

Cum Water

Cum eater, you must stay hydrated!  Especially if you’re shooting out all that dick juice for me.  Now a lot of people drink lemon water or cucumber water during the summer – but not you!  No, my cum guzzler, you get to drink cum water!  Get an empty water bottle and the next 4 times you jerk off, make sure all that cum ends up in the bottle. Once you’ve collected your four loads, fill the bottle the rest of the way with H2O, and take it with you when you go out so you can stay hydrated! This is a way to get your public humiliation fix as well – you’ll be doing something dirty and nasty in public and no one else has to know! 

Cum Eating Ice Cream

Ever had one of those ice cream cones where there’s a nice, sweet, creamy treat at the bottom, right in the tip of the cone?  Usually it’s chocolate, but you’re a cum whore, so yours is going to be spooge!  Get a sugar cone, get naked and start jerking off for me.  Edge 5 times – make me really believe you want that hot cum – then, just as you’re about to nut off, put your cock in the cone and fill up the bottom with a nice creamy load.  Top it with a couple scoops of ice cream and enjoy your dessert.  No cheating now – you wouldn’t want to ruin the treat at the end, now would you?

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