How Do You Ingest Your Cum?

Cum Eating with Ms. Christine

Eat it… drink it… is it all the same?

Here at Coached to Eat Cum, Ms. Olivia, Miss Violet and myself usually talk about you eating your own cum.  I was thinking the other day though, how jizz is kind of liquidy.  I mean, it’s not like you have to chew it to get it into your belly, now is it?  You usually slurp it or suck it up so you can swallow it down.  I guess that’s kind of like “eating” soup though, you don’t really drink that, now do you?  Anyway…I was thinking though how when it comes to ingesting your spunk, some of you like to have it with food, and some of you like to have it with drink.  So, tell me cum junkie, are you a cum eater or a cum drinker?

Ways To Drink Your Cum

I have a lot of cum guzzlers who just have to start their day off with a nice cup of Joe…filled with some Joe’s special milk! Then there are the guys who get all stressed out all day long, and have to relax at home with a special “cock”tail. There’s nothing like making a White Russian with some dick cream or even Jack Daniels on the cum cubes rocks!

Why Not Make A Cum Course Meal?

Now, you can just eat it by spunking off in your hand, or throwing your legs over your head and giving yourself a pretty facial.  But, I think, if you’re really going to be really eating cum, you should have some fun with it!  Make a cum course dinner – how about some chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes with…no, not red eye gravy…how about some blue ball gravy?  And if you tease and edge yourself for long enough, you won’t even need anything to thicken up that jizz!

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