Let’s Make A Game Out of Cum Eating

Cum Eating For Ms Christine

It’s ok to play with what you eat 😉

So, my cum eating sluts, isn’t it getting a bit boring just stroking, shooting and eating your cum?  Ok, not really and of course, I didn’t say you didn’t enjoy it, I’m just saying it’s starting to become a regular routine, just a standard practice that you do every time you spooge.  Stroke.  Edge. Repeat (and repeat…and repeat…). Cum.  Eat.  How about if we shake things up a bit and make a fun game out of your cum eating?

Build Up A Big Load of Cum to Eat

You’re going to need a few things for this cum eating game.  First, a pair of dice.  Then some small cups, maybe the ones you have hanging around a bathroom or the ones you use to make jello shots.  Get naked for me and then get that cock nice and hard.  That’s all I want you to do right now, just stroke yourself to hardness.  Don’t edge.  In fact, don’t even get much past a 4 or 5 on my 1 – 10 scale.  Just get hard.  Now, roll those dice.  This is how many times you are going to edge for your Cum Mistress.  God, I hope you roll box cars – 12 delicious, wonderful edges building up the maximum load of cum in those balls.

The Cum Eating Game

Now, for whatever you rolled, set out the same number of cups.  You do remember how many times you edged, don’t you?  Of course you do!  Now, jerk that cock hard and fast.  Yes, slut, you have my permission to cum, as long as you get that entire blast into one cup. Take a look and see how much is in there, and fill the rest of the cups with an equal amount of water. Now, close your eyes, rearrange the cups, and swallow down every one with your eyes closed.  Oh, you’re guaranteed to get a creamy surprise, but will it be in the first cup?  Somewhere in the middle, or will you have to wait until that final cup to fulfill your cum eating craving?

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