Is Cum Eating For Me Humiliating?

Is it really that humiliating?

Is that what leaves you feeling so ashamed and humiliated?  That every time anything leaks out of that naughty, slutty cock, that I make you eat it up?  Whether it’s that dripping pre-cum, or it’s a load of bittersweet white cream, you will eat it for me.  I’ve talked with some of your ex-girlfriends and they told me you’d always have them eat your load when they blew you (kudos to you by the way, for getting those women to suck that pathetic pindick!).  Well, if she swallows, so should you!

Or Is It The Fact That I Ruin Your Orgasms?

Maybe that’s really the humiliating part, hmmm?  The fact that I have you licking up and sucking down all that pre-cum while I tease you and bring you to edge after edge, building up that load in your balls.   After all those edges, you think there’s got to be a payoff…and then, just as your about to gain that sweet release, I slap your hand away, and your cock just dribbles out that puddle of cum…and you slurp all that spooge down for me!

Ruined Orgasms Guarantee Cum Eating

Wherever the humiliation comes from, I don’t care!  I know you get off on it and it produces more jizz – bigger loads.  I ALWAYS ruin your orgasms because we’ve played the game of allowing you a full release…and as soon as you cum,  you lose the urge to eat it.  It’s so much easier to turn you into a cum junkie when you’re still horny and sexually frustrated. And I do like you easy! 😉

I wonder how long it will take you to realize I will be ruining your orgasms forever? Maybe you just refuse to see…

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine