I Love Cum Eating Pets

Cum Eating with Ms. Christine

You want to jerk it? You will slurp it!

There are all kinds of ways to show your submission and devotion to your cum eating Femdom Mistress.  You can beg her to lock you in chastity, dress up in panties for her, even suck cock for her.  But, for my money, eating your own cum can be one of the most submissive things you can do. 

Why Cum Eating Is So Submissive

Why?  Well, because it’s done after you’ve shot your load.  Most men lose the urge to eat cum after they’ve orgasmed.  There’s no “pay off” for you.  Those other things I mentioned above?  If you don’t complete that humiliating task, then you don’t get to cum.  Cum eating is something you do after you’ve gotten your reward…that’s what makes it so submissive.

There May Be No Jerky Without The Slurpy

Here’s the rub though.  Promise me to eat your cum and then fail to follow through on your promise?  Well, we Mistresses have long memories.  Next time, if you didn’t slurp up all that warm cream, there might not be any jerking off.  Maybe I’ll lock you in chastity and just cocktease you.  Or maybe instead of teasing your locked cock, I’ll just strap you down to my spanking bench and punish you for your deception!  Of course, if you always eat your jizz for me – like a good cum slut – we’ll never have a problem, will we?

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