How Do you Prefer To Eat Cum?

Cum Eating with Ms Christine

How do you like it?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve given you cum junkies a couple of cum eating games where you have to randomly eat cum from somewhere – from the floor, from a shot glass, out of your hand.  Those were fun, weren’t they?  Maybe a bit of a change of pace.  It got me wondering though.  When your with your Cum Mistress, how do you prefer to eat cum?

Eating Your Own Cum

Some of you are just eating your own jizz.  So, when you slurp your own spooge, where how do you like to do it?

  • Shooting it directly into your own mouth?  Do you like to stroke, and just as you feel that cum rising up your shaft, do you throw your legs back over your head and squirt in your own mouth?  Maybe you’re a self-sucking cocksucker, and you can actually tongue and suck the head, making sure every drop goes down your throat! 
  • Your own cum from a condom . Better make sure it’s unblued!  Do you fill that reservoir tip, then slowly peel that rubber off your shrinking dick and suck all those cummies out of it?
  • Eating it out of your Dommes hand.  Well, I always have men eating out of my hand, so there might as well be a nice puddle of cum there.
  • Eating your own cum from your Dommes Mouth/Pussy/Body.  Of course you’d like these.  A blow job that ends in a cum kiss, being allowed to slide your cock inside of her, then licking her out, or maybe a nice titty fuck.  Nothing could be better for you, could it cum slut?

Eating Another Man’s Cum

Some of you are actually sluttier than most, and your own jizz just doesn’t satisfy you anymore.  So how do you like to get her stud’s cum? 

  • From another man’s cock.  Right from the tap.  There’s nothing like hot, fresh spunk, is there?
  • Another man’s cum from a condom.  Did you think if you told your Cuckoldress that you really didn’t want him going bareback that you’d get out of cleanup duty?  I like to put the whole condom in his mouth, so he gets the mix of both of our sex juices!
  • From your Dommes Pussy.  Who doesn’t like a nice, warm, gooey cream pie?
  • From your Dommes mouth.  She lets you share when you’re sucking his cock, but that cum is all for her – so she can feed it to you!

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