Give your Cum Eating Mistress Those Edges

I’ll tease you into cum eating my pet!

Oh, come on now, you didn’t think I was just going to let you stroke and cum, did you?  What kind of cocktease would I be if I just let you cum?  Not much of one, I reckon!  No, you’re going to have to give me a whole bunch of edges before I even start to consider letting your balls erupt all that white creamy goodness!  I’m thinking at least 20.  So, you’d better start stroking and get those edges in.  Once you hit 20?  No, you can’t cum yet.  You need to start begging.  Beg me for a full release, and tell me that if I allow you to spurt your spunk you’ll eat it for me!

Can You Give Yourself a Cum Facial?

That’s your quickest way to release.  You can lie down on your back, get your legs over your head and get that cock pointed right at your mouth, I’ll let you blow on the next edge.  That is so hot!  Stroke that cock and think about all that jizz headed right to your mouth as you get closer and closer.  Make sure you get all of it in your cum eating mouth, because whatever lands on your face and chest?  You’re wearing it all day, slut!

Either Way, You’re Eating Your Cum

You did promise me that, while you were begging.  “Please let me cum, I will eat my cum for you.”  That is what you said.  So, if you can’t give me what I want – facializing yourself and shooting off in your mouth – then you’re going to have to edge more.  It may be one more, it may be 50, I don’t know.  When I finally do say “Cum,” you will shoot off in your hand, then bring it to your hand and lick it all up.  I know that deep down you love cum eating, but don’t swallow yet.  You disappointed me, so you’re going to hold it in your mouth…taste it…savor it…for one minute, and then you can swallow.  Maybe you’ll work on that flexibility for next time, huh cum slut?

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine