Cum Is Good For You

…so many benefits!

Cum eating is not only good for the environment and for concealing your perverted nature, it’s also good for you from a nutrition standpoint. Did you know that?? I bet you didn’t know of the many health benefits associated with eating cum. First, there are only about 10 to 15 calories in a cum load, so it’s not going to make you fat like all the other things you eat – and I know how many of you are eating donuts with the special cum glaze!

Cum Eating Increases Stamina

Second, your cum is nearly 100 percent protein, which will help you build muscle and stamina. Of course, the fact that I have you teasing, denying and edging yourself before I ever let you nut off is helping with that whole stamina problem too!  Finally, there are many micro-nutrients in cum including vitamin c, zinc, calcium, and potassium. Instead of milk, why not have some other cream – cock cream! – for healthy bones. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so a cum slut like you should start the day by supplementing your breakfast with a hot load of nutrition packed jizz!

Cum Eating Is The Right Thing To Do

Finally, and most importantly, it’s proper protocol for you to eat your own cum. When serving a Cum Mistress like me, you eating your own cum has a very specific and symbolic meaning. By being a load lapper slut for me, you indicate both your acceptance and transformation from man to naughty cum slut. You demonstrate that you’re willing to let me control your cock, your orgasms and what happens with the result. For some Femdoms, eating cum means you’ve accepted your status as a kinky slut whose only purpose is to be humiliated, laughed at, and ridiculed. Not for me.  Oh sure, having you eat your cum and perform in increasingly embarrassing ways is symbolic of my superiority, Dominance, and control over you.  But for me?  It’s really just fucking hot!

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